“Jim Ragland creates worlds that capture the imagination”
A thousand pieces of music
in a wide variety of styles and lengths, created for
theatre productions ranging from experimental
to resident to commercial and Broadway.
“…one of America’s most gifted theater composers”
(The Seattle Weekly)

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TitleLengthDescription Style Instrumentation Feeling Setting / Period
0:33 Slow 6/8 Blues, organ, bass, drums, hot guitar solo Blues Stage Band, Guitar Passionate-Romantic Urban, African-American
0:60 Rich, mournful strings, soft harp. Slow rubato Important-Dramatic Strings, Percussion-Drums Tragic, Melancholy-Reflective Greece, Middle Eastern, Exotic
0:54 Full Jazz band, hot, fairly fast, and swinging, kinda cartoony Swing-Jazz Stage Band, Synths, Brass Energetic, Cheerful-Positive Story Land
1:51 Synth mallets and viola. Elegant. dainty. Folk-World Acoustic, Small Ensemble, violin Energized Far Eastern
0:59 Starts with Angel choir, adds brass builds with orchestra an electric guitar, big ending Important-Dramatic Band, Orchestral Synths, Guitar Energized Story Land
1:08 Surging piano with cello melody; full arrangement, band with electric lead guitar. Important-Dramatic Band, Orchestral Synths, Guitar Determined-Relentless Any
1:12 Set piece, starts like waking up, gets busy, great underscore for activity, Show-Vaudeville Small Ensemble Energetic, Cheerful-Positive New York, 1920s-1940s
0:60 Three Ring Circus music, marching band, flutes, marching drums. Kinda cartoony. Circus-Carny Orchestral Synths Cheerful-Positive 1920s-1940s
1:24 Similar to Desert Dance A, a belly dance, mandolin duet, can be intercut with Desert Dance A (flute) Folk-World Acoustic, Synths Energized, Exotic Exotic
1:29 Full Arrangement of Salt Lake, segueing to full arrangement of Glass Angel 6/8 Narrative-Cinematic Band, Orchestral Synths Warm-Elegant, Determined-Relentless Any
1:27 Two acoustic guitars, sad and lonely Blues Acoustic, Guitar Melancholy-Reflective Rural, African-American
0:17 Athletic mandolin, viola and percussion.. Folk-World Acoustic, Small Ensemble, Violin Energized Eastern European, Exotic
0:33 Angular, modern, piano, cello violin; ends clean Narrative-Cinematic Small Ensemble, Violin Melancholy-Reflective Any
0:38 Sexy and silky, trumpet solo Blues Stage Band Warm-Elegant Urban, African-American
0:07 Zing, bang, boom; short, fast Important-Dramatic Band, Orchestral Synths Enchanted Story Land