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TitleLengthDescription Style Instrumentation Feeling Setting / Period
1:02 Stately waltz, cello, clarinet and flute, almost like a carousel song Classical Small Ensemble Childlike 1880s-1910s
0:51 Whistfyul, Romantic strings and horns, srirring Narrative/Cinematic Orchestral Synths Warm-Elegant 1880s-1910s
0:34 Rousing Orchestral departure on an adventure Narrative/Cinematic Orchestral Synths Energized 1880s-1910s
0:44 Solo clarinet, silent movie music, laid way back Narrative/Cinematic Clarinet-Oboe Childlile 1880s-1910s
0:60 Slow sweet piano solo, little girl-ish, flute and clarinet enter, plays out with a ritard. Ragtime Piano Childlike 1880s-1910s
0:59 March with violin Narrative/Cinematic Small Ensemble Warm-Elegant 1880s-1910s
0:45 Two keyboards, action, industry, energy, slightly ragtime Narrative/Cinematic Small Ensemble Energized 1880s-1910s
0:57 Ragtime piano solo, easy going and reflective, but cheerful Ragtime Piano Cheerful-Positive 1880s-1910s
0:55 Cheerfful, positive, energetic, flute and horn duet Narrative/Cinematic Orchestral Synths Cheerful-Positive 1880s-1910s
1:02 Folk ragtime guitar with vibes, clarinet Folk-World, Ragtime Acoustic Warm-Elegant 1880s-1910s
1:39 Heart-warming and reflective, piano with strings and winds. Dance Piece? Narrative/Cinematic Small Ensemble Warm-Elegant 1880s-1910s
1:38 Requiem, slow and reflective, strings, winds, french horn Classical Small Ensemble Melancholy-Reflective Any, 1880s-1910s
0:36 Positive Horns, Cheerful, Industrious Narrative/Cinematic Orchestral Synths Cheerful-Positive 1880s-1910s
0:44 Bluesy clarinet lead over Randy Newmanish theme Narrative/Cinematic, Ragtime Small Ensemble Warm-Elegant 1880s-1910s
0:60 Slow Sweet Ragtime-ish with a blues clarinet, Randy Newman-ish Ragtime Small Ensemble, Clarinet-Oboe Melancholy-Reflective 1880s-1910s
0:50 Mellow ragtime with tuba, marimba and clarinet Narrative/Cinematic, Ragtime Small Ensemble, Claninet-Oboe Warm-Elegant 1880s-1910s
0:57 Low horns, like a tuba, flute and clarinet, Randy Newman-ish Narrative/Cinematic Orchestral Synths Cheerful-Positive 1880s-1910s
0:43 Early electicity, syncopated Americana, progress Narrative-Cinematic Orchestral Synths Cheerful-Positive 1880s-1910s
1:57 Sad, very melancholy, very tender Narrative-Cinematic Orchestral Synths Melancholy-Reflective 1880s-1910s
1:13 Vaudeville music, solo piano, melodramatic pauses, silent movie-ish, kick-line beat Show-Vaudeville, Ragtime Piano Cheerful-Positive 1880s-1910s