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TitleLengthDescription Style Instrumentation Feeling Setting / Period
0:11 Clarinet duet, short melody Narrative-Cinematic Clarinet-Oboe Melancholy-Reflective Middle Eastern
0:25 Same as A, but with fader Narrative-Cinematic Clarinet-Oboe Melancholy-Reflective Middle Eastern
0:56 Old world clarinet into Sevens on marimaba, adds synth cello, piano, drums in layers Narrative-Cinematic Small Ensemble, Clarinet-Oboe Determined-Relentless Story Land
0:44 Solo clarinet, silent movie music, laid way back Narrative/Cinematic Clarinet-Oboe Childlile 1880s-1910s
0:21 Acoustic guitar and clarinet, slow bluesy transition Folk-World Acoustic, Guitar, Clarinet-Oboe Warm-Elegant 1920s-1940s
0:26 Piano and clarinet, rubato, sort of old world Important-Dramatic Piano, Clarinet-Oboe, Orchestral Synths Melancholy-Reflective Any
0:60 Slow Sweet Ragtime-ish with a blues clarinet, Randy Newman-ish Ragtime Small Ensemble, Clarinet-Oboe Melancholy-Reflective 1880s-1910s
0:21 Cheerful clarinet and piano theme. Kinda BBC Narrative-Cinematic Small Ensemble, Clarinet-Oboe Melancholy-Reflective, Cheerful-Positive Any