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TitleLengthDescription Style Instrumentation Feeling Setting / Period
1:02 English Garden A without mandolin Classical Piano, Orchestral Synths Warm-Elegant Story Land
0:60 Slow sweet piano solo, little girl-ish, flute and clarinet enter, plays out with a ritard. Ragtime Piano Childlike 1880s-1910s
0:57 Ragtime piano solo, easy going and reflective, but cheerful Ragtime Piano Cheerful-Positive 1880s-1910s
0:26 Piano and clarinet, rubato, sort of old world Important-Dramatic Piano, Clarinet-Oboe, Orchestral Synths Melancholy-Reflective Any
1:04 Long solo piano piece, quietly heroic, a little strange. Simple and arty Show-Vaudeville Piano Warm-Elegant New York, 1920s-1940s
1:21 Long solo piano piece, a little odd, late 19th century classical/parlor. Simple and arty Show-Vaudeville Piano Warm-Elegant Any
1:13 Vaudeville music, solo piano, melodramatic pauses, silent movie-ish, kick-line beat Show-Vaudeville, Ragtime Piano Cheerful-Positive 1880s-1910s